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Resolving Workplace Conflict

Conflict in the workplace causes employers many problems, from the time lost and impact on productivity when individuals or departments cannot communicate effectively, through to harassment and bullying complaints which can take up an enormous amount of management time to address. With the increasing amount of employment legislation that applies to workplace relationships and the responsibilities it places on the employer to sort out these situations, there is also an ever increasing risk of an expensive Employment Tribunal settlement. At Splash we can enable you to deal with issues fairly, quickly and cost effectively.


We provide help with resolving these situations in various ways. Conflict is always most effectively resolved if it is dealt with directly with the individuals involved without being escalated by formal procedures. In these situations we can provide experienced, professionally qualified, mediators who will work with the parties involved to secure agreement on moving forward productively. All of our mediation services are confidential and because the parties are supported in designing their own outcome, which they can all live with, have a very high success rate.