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Very proud to have supported NFU Mutual in getting their Gold Brandon Hall award 2015 by leading their Winning Performance Culture Programme on behalf of Lane 4. Top 5 in the world - an amazing achievement by a great team.


Leadership, Change & Performance Specialists

Splash was founded in 1998 by Vicky Wells. The company offers a broad range of bespoke interventions that enable people to work more effectively together. These are based on the principles of enabling people to achieve their full potential and measurably higher performance.

Stronger Relationships & Increased Performance

We specialise in enabling people to achieve stronger relationships with others – whether this is through a Leadership Programme that enables leaders to engage their workforce and lead them effectively through transformational change or a mediation process that enables people to see another’s point of view and overcome an episode of conflict.

We believe in experiential learning that also raises the participants awareness of how they have achieved better performance so that we give people an experience of achieving better performance and the awareness of how they can continue to practice and build this skill so that they take their learning with them into each new situation.

Our style is to listen, support and encourage whilst at the same time being very clear about the challenges involved and enabling people to embrace higher expectations of themselves.