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Very proud to have supported NFU Mutual in getting their Gold Brandon Hall award 2015 by leading their Winning Performance Culture Programme on behalf of Lane 4. Top 5 in the world - an amazing achievement by a great team.

Leadership Skills

We believe that they key thing about leadership is that it is authentic. So we use an approach that enables people to explore and become aware of their own leadership style. They can then build on their strengths and experiment with different approaches in areas where they need to develop.

This involves giving them structured ways to reflect on and explore the way they operate as well as giving access to high quality feedback so that people have clear data on which to base their development.

Achieving great performance.

We also believe that practice is key to achieving great performance so we are creative about finding ways people can actually get hands on and try some different ways of leading.

We enable leaders to get clear about their vision for success and find compelling ways of communicating this so that they inspire others to support their progress. However we also know that leaders are often judged by how well they handle the difficult situations like resolving conflict and dealing with under performers so we give people skills in these areas too.